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28 Aug 2007 - 05:11
Independent People's Tribunal on the World Bank Group
Below is an invitation to join the Independent People's Tribunal on the World Bank Group, initiated by activists in India that I picked up from the Endingpoverty-campaign yahoo group. Maybe this is something we need in other southern countries where the World Bank Group yields a much stronger influence than it does in India?

What is the Independent People's Tribunal on the World Bank Group in India?

The purpose behind the Independent People's Tribunal on the World Bank Group in India is to provide a just forum for people who have been impacted by projects and policies funded or promoted by the World Bank Group, to express their grievances and propose alternatives. The Tribunal will conduct an in-depth examination of the WBG's influence and impact on a host of sectoral and crosssectoral issues through a series of depositions that will be presented to a panel of eminent experts from relevant fields The People's Tribunal will look into the national impact of the World Bank and its allies on :
1) Vulnerable communities, including women, children, dalits, minorities, adivasis, workers, fisher folk, and farmers;
2) The environment and human rights;
3) The World Bank`s agenda and whether it is largely influenced by transnational corporate interests;
4) Financial indebtedness and loan conditionalities' effects on social sectors (food, health and education), particularly in terms of poverty alleviation and reduction of inequality;
5) Transparency, corruption and accountability within government, the private sector and NGOs;
6) Governance (role of bureaucrats, consultants and technocrats), sovereignty and democracy;
7) Conflicts, including militarisation.

Why do we need an Indian People's Tribunal on the World Bank Group?

Given what seems to be the record of the projects funded and promoted by the World Bank in terms of human rights violations and environmental degradation; the feeble response of these agencies and the Indian government to proposals and appeals by the people of India to reconsider its projects and approaches, it is time to examine and judge their claims to serving the wider public interest. The chief focus of this exercise will be to study the impact of the World Bank's policies and projects as it is increasing its influence in all directions encompassing the country's economy as well as its educational, social and cultural fabric.

When and where will the Independent Peoples Tribunal take place?
21-24 september 2007
Jawaharlal nehru university (Jnu) new delhi,

Who is organizing the People's Tribunal on the World Bank Group?

The Tribunal is being organised and coordinated by a Secretariat located in Delhi and Mumbai and over 40 convening grassroots organizations and movements, who play a vital role in providing expertise to coordinate identified sectors. Advisors also provide overall guidance to the Tribunal Finally, a host of researchers, interns, etc. contribute their time and energies to assist the Secretariat and Convenors.

How can I get involved?

The Tribunal is a collaborative and inclusive endeavor. We are actively seeking organizations and individuals to endorse the Tribunal and to participate as advisors, sector Convenors, researchers, and interns. We are also seeking monetary support to cover the costs associated with coordinating and holding the Tribunal.

Who is on the Panel?

Confirmed panelists include Upendra Baxi, Susan George Prabash Joshi, Lidy Nacpil, Alejandro Nadal, Arundhati Roy Justice P.B. Sawant, S.P. Shukla, V.P. Singh, Justice Suresh Sulak Sivaraksa, Eric Toussaint, and Justice Usha We expect this list to grow in the coming months!

Please see:

India C/O Flat No. 14 Supreme Enclave, Mayur Vihar Phase 1 New Delhi 110091

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