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The Forum on the Future of Aid is an online community dedicated to research and opinions about how the international aid system currently works and where it should go next

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China-Africa Economic Relations: The Case of Zambia

By Inyambo Mwanawina, AERC, February 2008

This study provides information on the size, structure and significance of China-Zambia relations. It examines the nature and scope of Chinese investment in Zambia, looking at the pattern and magnitude of trade between them as well as the characteristics of Chinese development assistance to Zambia.
China’s engagement with Zambia is based on the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, which has created new opportunities and challenges in Zambia’s development effort. The opportunity provided by China to tap on its experience in acquiring technology and financial resources needed to scale up the country development effort and move rapidly towards increased wealth creation and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. The challenge lies in turning and regulating Chinese interests in the country to the mutually benefit of both China and Zambia without endangering the country’s social-cultural heritage and environment.

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